Greater Minnesota Broadband Collaborative Project

Consolidated Communications has expanded its middle mile fiber-optic network across greater Minnesota. Consolidated Communications connected health care facilities, schools, libraries, higher education institutions and public offices with an advanced high-capacity broadband network.

Grant Award and Investment

Award administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA).

Total Project Cost: $21.1 million
Consolidated Communications Investment: 30% or $6.3 million

NTIA Grant: $14.8 million

Network Route

Includes two fiber builds:

  1. Minneapolis/St. Paul to Duluth/Superior
  2. Brainerd to Moorhead

The network provides middle-mile fiber laterals to serve partner sites.

Project Highlights

The focus of the network development is on providing high-capacity, low cost Ethernet services. The expansion connects rural community anchor institutions throughout Minnesota.

  • Network directly benefits collaborative partners; Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota, State of Minnesota.
  • Network provides access to affordable, high-capacity broadband services in rural Minnesota communities and creates new jobs.
  • The network includes new fiber route miles connecting health care facilities, higher-education institutions, K-12 schools, libraries, public safety offices and state courts.
  • This Minnesota project, led by a Minnesota-based company, created jobs here in Minnesota.
  • Construction began in 2011 and was completed in 2013, on time and under budget.


Project Impact

  • Statewide network connects 36 rural Minnesota communities in 23 counties.
  • The fiber network delivers a minimum of 100 MB broadband Ethernet services to 74 community anchor institutions.
  • More than 886,000 people living in 315,000 households have access to these low-cost, high-capacity broadband services.
  • Over 74,000 small and medium size businesses in Minnesota have access to this network.


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