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Our rich history of technology innovation and
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Our History - 1898 to Present


1898 – Mankato Citizen’s Telephone Company founded in Mankato, Minn. Investors purchased shares at $25.

1901 – Mapleton and Garden City, Minn. franchises acquired.

1905 – Eagle Lake, Minn. exchange forms.

1907– Saulpaugh Hotel in Mankato buys first private branch exchange.

1918 – Federal government seizes control of large telephone companies and divides Minnesota: Northwestern Bell and Tri-State. MCTC is the largest of 1,719 independent telephone companies in Minnesota, outside of the Twin Goliaths.

1927 – Operators no longer needed for local calls; Trans-Atlantic telephone service now available.

1945 – First telephone call ever from England to Mankato, Minn.

1949 – The Company is Minnesota’s largest independent telephone company, with exchanges in Mankato/North Mankato, Mapleton, Good Thunder, Madison Lake, Eagle Lake, St. Clair and Garden City.

1963 – Mankato exchange converts to 7-digit dialing, allowing U.S. callers with Direct Distance Dialing to dial without assistance; DDD expanded to 19 communities in 1965; Company Foundation established.

1964 – National Independent Billing Inc. was founded as a mainframe-based billing service for independent telephone companies.

1966 – Four-for-one stock split.

1971 – Company’s first-ever television ads air.

1972 – Two-for-one stock split.

1984 – Fiber optic cable between MCTC and Minnesota State University Mankato can carry 672 conversations on one fiber pair.

1985 – Hickory Tech Corporation launches as a holding company, parent to five subsidiaries: MCTC, Mid-Comm, Computoservice Inc., Information and Communication Service Inc., and Mid-Communications Cablevision Inc.

1987 – Two-for-one stock split.

1988 – Two-for-one stock split.

1990 – Three-for-one stock split; ICSI acquires Digital Techniques Inc. in Texas and Collins Communications Systems Co. in Minnesota. Computoservice begins National Independent Billing.

1993 – ICIS is dissolved and merged into MCTC.

1995 – HTCO is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

1997 – Company is the nation’s 30th largest telephone company after $35.2 million acquisition of 11 Iowa exchanges; Heartland Telecommunications. Internet Services and 56K Internet access introduced.

1998 – Three-for-one stock split; Crystal Communications becomes Minnesota first facilities-based CLEC, competing in Nicollet, Minn; Consolidated Communications celebrates 100 years of business.

1999 – Company launches DSL high-speed Internet services in Mankato, Minn.

2000 – HickoryTech becomes the new name for MCTC, Mid-Com, Crystal Communications and Heartland Telecommunications. Company purchases Internet Connections, adding nearly 5,000 additional Internet customers.

2001 – The Company overbuilds four CLEC communities: St. Peter, Waseca and Faribault, Minn. and Waukee, Iowa.

2002 – Information Solutions Division offers SuiteSolution, a billing and customer management system; Company receives a four-year contract to provide regional high-speed wide area network to 73 schools and libraries in Minnesota served by Project SOCRATES.

2003 – Wireless business sold to Western Wireless.

2005 – Company acquires Enventis Telecom, a transport and enterprise Internet Protocol Telephony sales business with 75 employees and offices in Plymouth, Duluth and Rochester, Minn.

2008 – Data center and colocation facility opens in Mankato, Minn.

2009 – Company acquires CP Telecom, a telecom provider serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and northern Minnesota with voice, data and Internet services.

2010 – Company completes fiber network expansion to the Dakotas and constructs a fiber network in Des Moines, Iowa.

2011 – Enventis breaks ground on the Greater Minnesota Broadband Collaborative Project with the construction of a fiber route from Duluth, Minn. to the Twin Cities.

2012 – Enventis acquires IdeaOne Telecom in Fargo, No. Dakota, a fiber and data service provider in the greater Fargo area.

2013 – All services and products are aligned under one brand - Enventis.

2014 – Shareholders approve changing corporate name from HickoryTech Corporation to Enventis Corproation; stock symbol changes to ENVE.

2014 – Consolidated Communications merges with Enventis; stock symbol changes to CNSL.

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